SEA/PDX: Snippets from a short road trip – Day 1

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The Cubs were making a very rare appearance in Seattle, seeing as our teams were going to play eachother in our house, we had to be there. That meant, road trip! Making our way down to Seattle for 2 games with a stop in Portland to visit a friend, I was pretty excited about what adventures we’d find over the next few days.

Day 1: A late start had us arriving in Seattle with just enough time to stop at the hotel for a rest and then off to watch the Mariners play the Cubs!

Not wanting to sound like a homer, but Safeco is my favorite ballpark. It’s a newer ballpark, but still has tons of charm. It’s the best place to be on a warm summer night, lucky for us, that’s exactly what it was!

I’ve eaten almost everything the park has to offer, but just in case I needed to check, they have this handy signage to help guide the way.

I wasn’t feeling like an Ichiroll tonight, and although the garlic fries were really calling to me, the thought of being overly garlicky for the rest of the night prevented me from indulging. I chose a Seattle standard, Ivar’s fish & chips. I like that they make the pieces of fish small enough that you can eat them with your hands. They’re not the best fish & chips around, but way less heavy than some of the other things at the park, (like the messy pulled pork sandwich that’s Ben’s favorite).

Coupled with a Pyramid hefeweizen, it made for a pretty good ballpark dinner!

(Hoping you are patient over the next few postings as laptops were left at home. This post+photos are via my iPhone)

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