VOTE NOW for Connor & Ally!

Calling all Food Loving Friends!  My friend’s son Connor, with his cousin Ally are starring in this video directed, shot and edited by 12 year old Sidney.   This awesome video was put together for the Hands-on Cook-off contest promoting food, family and fun, (all great things in my mind).  Entries are judged by one of my Vancouver favorites, John Bishop of Bishops restaurant.

 VOTE NOW:  Making Margarita Pizza

 VOTE HERE:  Making Margarita Pizza

2 thoughts on “VOTE NOW for Connor & Ally!

  1. Thanks Sus! We have to start getting these kids to think about food and cooking when they’re young!! Hope everyone sees the video made by my 12 year old niece. Its her directorial debut! Please vote!!

  2. Thanks Susy, Connor has just started cooking for the family and he loves it. Educating kids about healthy food choices starts at home. I think the video is well done to promote families cooking together. Please vote for Connor and Ally!

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