Casa Oaxaca Outside Alejandro Ruiz

"Casa Oaxaca Outside"

2 Replies to “Casa Oaxaca Outside Alejandro Ruiz”

  1. Hi – I am Ben’s doc – he told me about your blog. We were whizzing down the highway to Seattle this past Friday and wondering about dinner. Off to your blog (easy to use!!) and found info on Staple and Fancy Mercantile. Got a reservation, had big trouble with parking, but had a fabulous dinner. Explored the area – it was hopping! Thanks so much for your work. I had mackerel and partner had pork shank. No pix. Collis

    1. Hi Collis, thanks for the comment! Seattle is such a fun eating city and it’s great to hear you had a good time at Staple and Fancy. I’ve never had a bad time at an Ethan Stowell restaurant. All the best, Susy

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