"Mimiu tempura udon"

Crossing UDON off my “must eat in Japan” list at Mimiu

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I did so much eating in Japan that I’ve realized that I can’t write every post as an epic adventure. So even though this one ends with my dad and I laughing so hard that I was crying as we raced away from the scene of a “crime”, I won’t share the story with you. Well, maybe I’m not going to share the story with you because it may (or may not) have included a tiny bit of accidental vandalism that could ban us from ever returning to the restaurant again.

The udon in Japan is so head and shoulders above anything I’ve had outside of Japan. I know in Vancouver, where I live, I can name 3 or 4 places to go for really good ramen but not one for udon. This makes me sad because I think a good bowl of udon is the best comfort food. It’s what my mom offers up when you’re looking tired or cold. A great udon is all about excellence in the noodles and broth. Excellent udon noodles are slurp-able with a bouncy chew  and the broth should be flavourful but not so much so that it overpowers the delicate noodles.Udon is always on my “must eat” list when I go to Japan but I’m happiest when we go to Mimiu because it’s some of the best I’ve had there.

"Mimiu udon rabbit"
Mimiu’s signature rabbit.

My family’s favourite udon in Osaka is Mimiu and although there are various locations throughout Japan, I feel like if you want the best a restaurant has to offer, you should go to its main location. Mimiu is best-known for its udon-suki (udon hot pot) but we go to Mimiu for its more basic udon dishes. My sister and my “usual” order is tempura udon and my mom, brother and dad order the kitsune udon. My previous visits to Mimiu have always been at lunch, so I thought I’d try something new and order a dinner set which had a few courses before finishing with a smaller tempura udon.

not sure
Set meal appetizer – consistency of tofu, but not tofu. I asked my parents to see if they remembered what this was and they have no clue.
"Mimiu Osaka appetizer"
Set meal 2nd course – crunchy fresh bamboo shoots (in season!), stewed/steamed veggies/fish, tofu salad and tai(snapper) sashimi.
"Mimiu kitsune udon"
My mom’s kitsune udon – I never order kitsune udon because I think of it as boring. The pillowy soft aburaage (fried tofu pockets) were so good, it made me realize  that kitsune udon can have a personality.
"Mimiu tempura udon"
My nieces ordered the tempura udon (my usual).
Osaka Mimiu duck udon
My sister was the adventurous one of the night and ordered the duck udon which turned out to be cold with the broth served on the side. Although a bit of a surprise on its delivery, it was delicious nonetheless.
"Mimiu Osaka dinner udon"
The udon that came with my meal was small but gave me enough of a taste to remember how great Mimiu udon is. The fresh bamboo shoots in the udon were a great addition too.
"Mimiu jelly"
Set meal dessert – Grape zelly (jelly) with fruits.
"Mimiu Osaka udon"
Don’t mind my dad in the photo holding the sign awkwardly. The moments following this photo did not result in any intentional damage. Anything that may have happened was a complete ACCIDENT!!!                                                                 ごめんなさい !!!

Mimiu – 4-6-18 Hiranomachi Chuo-ku Osaka

2 Replies to “Crossing UDON off my “must eat in Japan” list at Mimiu”

  1. The next time you’re in Japan, come to my neck of the woods in Shikoku!
    Kagawa is famous for its tarai-udon 🙂

    1. Funny enough, after watching the movie UDON, I went on a pilgramage to Takamatsu to have Sanuki udon a few years ago. Sadly I was only there for 1 day and was only able to sample 3 bowls of udon. I will definitely make the trip to that neck of the woods again!

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