If you’ve read, “Funny what gets you started” then you know that this event is what inspired me to start blogging. I was recently sent this link by a friend as a reminder to what originally inspired me to want to eat at the French Laundry in the first place, (and more…).

Persistence paid off and I able to score a reservation through Opentable.com a week before our trip, so I had a week to read everything I could about the French Laundry, as well a book written by a former Captain at Per Se restaurant, (Service Included ~Phoebe Damrosch).  With all the knowledge and preparation for the big day, I was like a kid on Christmas the morning, and woke up at 5:00am.  I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to walk around the vineyard we were staying on to snap some sunrise photos.

We spent the morning at the Calistoga Farmer’s Market and although I knew I shouldn’t eat anything to spoil the meal to come, I spotted a tamale stand and I couldn’t resist.

I should have resisted. The chicken inside was dry and stringy.

A little walk around Calistoga, I happened across this pretty creek with the sun shining down on it.

The morning finally over, we went back to change into pretty clothes, and headed off to cross an item off my Buried Life list.

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