Monday night dinner – Spot Prawns

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It’s spot prawn season and I’m IN!  Every year these lovely creatures make an appearance in the markets for 4-6 weeks starting early May with daily arrivals fresh off the boat.  I try to get my fill of them while they’re around.

The easiest way to eat them is raw or lightly salted and thrown on the grill for less than a minute a side.  You can get more complicated, but with these beauties, I say the simpler the better!

Tonight I put a few glugs of olive oil into a pan with some shallots, garlic and jalapenos.  When those softened up, I added the prawns.  As soon as the prawns changed colours, I threw in some cilantro, salt & pepper. Devour right away and don’t be a chicken, suck the heads! 

Mmmmm!  How easy is that?

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