A Friday night of drinks and pastrami led us to wake up later on a Saturday than usual.  I had a lot on my “list of things to do” left to tackle, so we quickly left the hotel to start our day. What I hadn’t anticipated was that there’d be major subway work being done on the weekend, so any notion of a schedule was thrown out the window.  But in trying to be a more flexible, less structured, more relaxed Vacation Sus, I’m finding that the fun is in the journey.  And that journey led us to a marvelous day.

I’d read a lot about the Brooklyn Flea lately and how it’s the place to go for delicious food truck dining.  Couple that with my desire to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge again, we had ourselves a day.  The re-routed subway took us a bit off course and into Brooklyn without us even knowing we’d gone through water.  So instead of walking over the bridge to Brooklyn, when we popped out of the subway station, we realized we were already there!  My iPhone Googlemaps app was not the most accurate for its walking directions, so we found ourselves wandering through Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighbourhood admiring the tree-lined streets of brownstones.

Stoop ball anyone?

We also stumbled across some organized Saturday morning ball and stood around for 20 minutes watching grown men who “got game”.

Finally at the Brooklyn Flea, I made a bee-line to the food area because I’m not a fan of flea markets. I do not find pleasure in other people’s discarded treasures so it seemed odd that I would choose to come here.  But then we got into the food stall area of the market and I was glad to be there.

I’d read a lot about Brooklyn’s Red Hook Ballfields and since I knew that we weren’t going to make it there, we decided to stand in line for their version of Arepas at the Flea.

Dont know why it took so long to be served. These women were pumping out arepas like crazy.
Bad move on our point, as we chose the slowest stand and ended up waiting for over 45 minutes for this zucchini and cheese arepa.

While we were waiting , we did get a chance to glance at what others were eating and it looked like if we were going to do Red Hook, we should have gone with the gigantic huarache.

Not satisfied from my arepa, I decided to keep eating.  My next bite was an oyster Po’boy slider from the Good Fork vendor

Hot out of the fryer with perhaps too much tartar sauce. This was delicious!

I had been eyeing the fruit ice pops, but knew I could only have one more thing, so I chose wisely.

The porchetta was calling to me. But it wasnt meant to be.
But the crostini with hand shaven prosciutto won out in the end.
Topped with a fruity olive oil and wonderfully creamy homemade ricotta from Salvatore Brklyn.

There were so many wonderful food vendors at the Brooklyn Flea and I was saddened by the fact that there was no way to even put a dent in sampling all that the vendors had to offer.  The variety and quality of prepared food offered at the Brooklyn Flea is the best I’ve ever seen.  Oh well, that just means the Brooklyn Flea will be put back on to my list for my next visit to New York.

Brooklyn Flea – 176 Lafayette Ave (btw. Clermont + Vanderbilt Ave.)

3 Replies to “A Day in Brooklyn”

  1. I’m not sure there is such a thing as too much tartar sauce, but if you say so!
    It all looks amazing, I’m surprised there weren’t more food pictures of everything you ate. Good job on the discipline, very Susan of you:)

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