Just got back from a great weekend in Victoria, Oak Bay to be more precise, visiting Ben’s brother, wife and daughter. We ate most of our meals in, but had time on our way in and out town to pick up some of our Victoria favorites.

A quick stop on our drive into town at the Italian Food Imports which is a food store/deli that you can’t miss if you’re driving into Victoria from the ferry.

They serve sandwiches and have daily pasta specials, but the winner are the meatballs.
Moist and flavorful, these meatballs don’t need a lot of goopy sauce because they’re delicious on their own. Order a tub to take home for a lazy dinner of meatballs on a Portuguese bun with provolone or mozzarella.

Our other stop was on our way out of town at Red Fish Blue Fish.  Located on the docks at Wharf Street, this little shack is fun on a warm day.  There’s usually a long line-up, but we were lucky  to only have to wait 15 minutes to get our food.

Qualicum Bay scallop tacone with golden shallot aioli +pea shoots + lemon pickled onion. I really wanted to have an oyster tacone as well, but I indulged on the sides.
Sweet red curry slathered chips are delicious. The curry is very intensely flavored which actually limited my intake, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Tempura pickles! Love, love love!!!
Ben got this Spicy Pacific Fish sloppy joe which was OK. I think the bun on the sandwiches here are a waste of time.

Italian Food Imports – 1114 Blanshard Street, Victoria

Red Fish Blue Fish – 1006 Wharf Street (@Broughton), Victoria

One Reply to “Quick Bites – Victoria”

  1. Tempura pickles, are you kidding me? How good is that…
    Oh and I also want a tub of meatballs!

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