I am a very spoiled girl. My parents told my in-laws that the first time they ever met. And if you’ve seen all the adventures I’ve been on in the past 6 months, you’re probably getting your own idea of it as well.

This weekend, I’m indulging in one of my favourite yearly  rituals. And although Ben’s here quite often, one of my perks is an annual few days in LA play vacay, (I think it’s even written in our wedding contract).  In the last 9 years, I’ve been to LA 12 times, so I have a very comfortable LA routine. But my version of LA is in a bubble and that bubble is Beverly Hills.

A short 2 hour plane ride away and I’m whisked so far away from work. I’m shopping at great places and eating indulgent meals. It doesn’t hurt at all that I’m writing all of this while lying poolside with the fantastic view of the downtown skyline to my right and the glory of the Hollywood Hills in the background on the left.

I rarely have a car, so I’m forced to stay within the 5 mile radius that the house car will take me, (are you getting the spoiled thing yet?).  I only really have 2 opportunities to leave the bubble.  1) is to go to Santa Monica for some beach/Farmer’s Market time and 2) to check out the great LA sports teams; the Lakers, Dodgers and the Kings (I know, the Kings may not be “great” but Anze Kopitar is one of my favorite players).

As much passion as I have for NYC, LA will always be my true love.  But like what’s often the case with true loves, you take them for granted. I’ve had a lot of adventures before I started this blog, and for every other city, I have been able to go back to photos I’ve taken in the past to do a 36 hours recap before I land in that city again. When I started prepping for this LA trip, I realized that for as many epic meals I’ve had in this amazing food city, and for as many must-do’s on my list, I only have photos from a few places.  I guess in the past, I’ve never felt the need to document my adventures in this fine city because I always knew I’d be back for more.  But for this blog, that will change…  starting this trip.

One Reply to “Welcome to my LA”

  1. LA doesn’t compare to Big Sky Country and my singing does it? Please don’t answer that! Look forward to the pictures:)

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