My perfect day in LA – V.3.01 With Ben

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After 2 days of spending too much time, (money) in LA on my own, I’m happy when Saturday arrives and I get to hang out with Ben for the weekend.  We also have an LA routine and I’m excited to get that started.

Cuvée is on South Robertson Blvd at 3rd St. and it’s a great place to grab breakfast, a quick lunch or even a coffee & treat if you need a break while shopping on Robertson.  They used to make a key-lime smoothie, a combination of pina colada mix and lime margarita mix, that I loved so much.  It’s not on the menu anymore, but I’m hopeful it will be back next year.

Egg white omelette with spinach, roasted mushrooms and goat cheese is fluffy and wonderful. Egg white omelette? So unlike me, but when you’re in LA…

Saturday is Ben’s one day of clothes shopping for the year.  I’m bad at shopping and Ben’s even worse.  But for him, I get focussed and in 3 hours we can bring his winter wardrobe up to date for the year.

As we wander the streets back to our hotel, we wonder where we should go for lunch.  An LA regular spot, or somewhere new?  We end up at the Breadbar to have a late lunch.  There are so many restaurants/eateries in LA that we pass by year after year, but there’s no way we’ll ever get to try them all. And even though I love my usual places, I know that treasures are out there to be found when you try new places.

There were a lot of items on the menu that looked good but I was craving soup.  And since I couldn’t decide between 2 of the soups, I ordered a cup of both.

Creamy rich cauliflower soup with curried croutons. Cauliflower’s never tasted this good.
Red beet gazpacho finished with balsamic vinegar and a small dollop of goat cheese. The sweet beet and bell pepper flavour definitely lived up to the bright fuchsia colour.  This is one of the best cold soups I’ve ever had.

By afternoon we’re back at the hotel for a rest, recharge and maybe some pool time.  I love going to LA because evenings-out means that I get to put on heels.  I love wearing heels, and working at an ice rink, I don’t get a lot of opportunity to wear them.  When the occasion arises, it makes me so happy. We try to make the most of looking so good, so we like to start the night out with a drink at the hotel bar.  When we’ve stayed at other hotels in the area, we’ve had drinks beside some major Hollywood stars, this year we were treated with beautiful sunsets at the amazing roof-top bar at our hotel.

Dinners are our major events when we go to LA and we usually go out to 2 business (nicer) dinners , with wives included.  LA is such an amazing food city and it seems that every year, there are so many options to choose from.  I’m grateful that everyone seems to trust my choices.  I don’t take the responsibility of choosing our dining experiences lightly though, so I start researching the LA dining scene at least 6 weeks in advance.  In past trips I’ve been fortunate enough to dine in some of LA’s top spots; Providence, Nobu, Giorgio Baldi, Katsuya, Mozza, The Bazaar, Lucques…  Again, LA has so many wonderful places, it’s hard to determine whether to try out somewhere new or go back to a favorite.  This year we did both.

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