The Deadliest Catch – King Crab 3 Ways

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If you’ve ever watched the tv show, The Deadliest Catch, then you’re probably familiar with the very valuable Alaskan King Crab.  I was drawn to the show because it’s fascinating to see how much work goes into trapping the humongous crustaceans. The conditions are fierce, with turbulent seas and freezing water, so  it’s no wonder that when it’s not in season, these crabs that average 10 pounds will cost you over $60/pound.

For about a month a year when the catch is on the price comes down significantly, and those in the know get their friends together for a King Crab feast.  I was introduced to King Crab 3-way last year with a group of friends.  I learned how to order, how to call ahead and the questions you should ask.  This year, we thought it would be fun to include my family on a King Crab feast, so we used my brother’s birthday as our excuse.

I’ve mentioned before that my family has our own set list of restaurants and we rarely veer off that list.  It was with that in mind that I started to stress out a bit about where to go for their first King Crab experience.  I called Kirin and Sun Sui Wah, but at $16.80/lb and an extra charge of $80 for the 3rd course, I felt that I could find better.  Last year, I went to Prince Seafood on Grandview Hwy and at $13.80/lb I thought I had found the place.  But then my brother and I went for dim sum right around the corner from where I live and it was good.  They matched the price of $13.80/lb so for convenience sake, that’s how the Fraser Court Seafood restaurant became the location for the Bando’s first King Crab Adventure.

Weighing in at 12.8 pounds, this gigantic Alaskan King Crab was about to become dinner for a family of 9.

We decided to go with our crab done an exciting 3-ways, utilizing almost every bit of this beast.  I’ve heard of adding a fourth dish, in which the leftover juices from the crab andre made into a sauce mixed with noodles.  Maybe next year…

1st Way – legs are cut open and steamed with garlic. Prepared this way, theres no fight to get the sweet and tender meat out of the shell.
2nd way – Addictively delicious knuckles are deep-fried with garlic, jalapenos and chilis. We devoured half the plate before I realized I hadnt taken a photo yet.
3rd way – Portuguese fried rice baked into the head is flavoured with curry and has bits of crab, prawn, scallops and egg white mixed in. This “filler” does the job and is a satisfying ending to our 3-way experience.

I can’t help but feeling that I’ve done the crews from the Deadliest Catch right by eating Alaskan King Crab this way.  It feels like nothing goes to waste, and eaten in a big group, there’s never any leftovers.  I hope that Captain Phil Harris is happily watching us from the heavens.

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