Quick Bite – Buck a shuck to change my mood

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It’s a given that a hard day at work should be rewarded with a treat.  And although I don’t have the most demanding job, the politics within my workplace are enough to drive me batty by the end of some work days.  On these days, my favorite thing to numb the frustration is slurping down a few oysters with a pint of cold beer.

My favourite for oysters is Rodney’s Oyster Bar  during Low Tide.  Between 3-6pm each night, they feature 1 oyster for $1.50 each.  Although you only get 1 type of oyster, it’s the array of condiments that makes this place the best.  I’ll post about Rodney’s one day soon, (yay! a reason to go to Rodneys!).

I’d heard that the Watermark Restaurant at Kits Beach had become a Boathouse restaurant.  That, in it of itself wouldn’t be reason enough for me to go visit, but then something piqued my interest… Buck a Shuck oysters.  Upon more research, I found out that between 3-6pm, M-F, the Boathouse offers Appy Hour featuring a selection of oysters for a dollar each.

The view from the Boathouse is enough to brighten your day. 
Granville Island Winter Ale – One of my favourite beers is on tap!  
Matchstring truffle parmesan fries for $4 are a delightful “filler”. The only bad thing about matchstring fries is that they get cold so fast.
I was happy with the array of small oysters but whoever shucked the oysters needs to learn precision. Bits of cracked shell ruined many of these succulent morsels and some of the oysters were totally butchered by a heavy hand.

Although the oysters looked horrible, and a couple tasted a bit “suspect”, I will give Appy Hour one more try.  The view is great and the Asian mignonette that accompanied the oysters was quite unique.  But on my next visit I expect stellar oysters, because who cares if they’re cheap if they’re unpleasant to eat?

The BoatHouse @ Kits Beach – 1305 Arbutus St (& Cornwall)

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