I’ve never really gotten in to the brunch culture. It’s probably because I’ve always worked on Saturdays and on Sundays I’m generally at the gym pretty early, and eating breakfast by 9am, which is too early for brunching. I also hate the thought of waiting in line, which seems to go hand in hand with the better brunch spots around the city.  My main issue about brunch is that when I get to a restaurant, no matter how fantastic the choices are on the menu, I’m always drawn to the eggs, bacon and hash browns. Couple the last 2 things, and I end up thinking that I could be at home and not waiting in line, eating a perfectly delicious egg & bacon breakfast.

I’ve  come to realize that I’m missing out on some fantastic food with my limitations, so I’ve had to change the parameters of “the brunch”. Luckily, Cafe Medina’s weekday breakfast menu and its proximity to my work has allowed me to experience all that weekend brunch has to offer, but on my own terms.

Cafe Medina, is always packed on the weekends.  But if you go mid-week around 10am, you can usually just walk in and get a seat.  The menu has a lot of interesting choices, most of which are too big.  I have a hard enough time finishing whatever I choose to order, but I like to indulge in a sweet treat to have with my coffee while I’m waiting.

1 waffle with raspberry caramel sauce – I’ve tried a few different toppings, but the caramel is so good, I find no point in ordering any other.

I’m lucky enough that my dining buddy always choses to eat the Fricasse, which is a skillet with 2 fried eggs, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, arugula and applewood cheddar.  It’s everything but the kitchen sink but in a good way.  It’s very delicious, but so filling that I can’t eat more than a few stolen bites.

La Sante has a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It puts a smile on my face when it’s served because it reminds me of the “picky picky” dinners my sister and I used to have.
Called a Paella but is nothing like one, this skillet with a fried egg surrounded by orzo, chorizo, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and greens. The lemony chunks of avocado are the star of this dish.  So big, I had to take more than half of it to go.

I haven’t found anything that I like more than 2 soft poached eggs, crispy bacon and hashbrowns at Cafe Medina, but everything I have tried has been good enough to put it on my list of “regulars”.

Cafe Medina – 556 Beatty St @ W. Georgia

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