Everyone’s been there, and people are raving about it. When did I become the last one in?

If sandwiches are the fad right now, Meat and Bread started the trend. The menu’s simple; porchetta, bbq chicken, meatball, grilled cheese and a special sandwich a day plus 1 soup and 1 salad. I like this kind of dining and the confidence in knowing that what they serve is so good they don’t need to give you a lot of choices. I was there for 1 reason and that was the porchetta sandwich. A lot has been written about it, so I had high expectations…

Porchetta sliced to order with crackling included. Salsa verde is drizzled on top and the bits of meat are hand tossed.
Meat and bread! Succulent pork, moist and flavourful. I wished the pieces of crackling were bigger and more plentiful, although my waistline is probably happy it wasn

I delegated my lunch partner to what I believed to be the second best option on the menu, the meatball sub.

The meatballs were moist and well seasoned but there could have been a bit more saucing to this sandwich.

My thoughts? Meat and Bread is bang on with the meat but needs improvement on the bread. I thought the ciabatta was bulky and unflavourful and did nothing to enhance the sandwich, (which is where I think Big Lou’s really shined). Another minus was the dollop of mustard on the side. There were no knives, so I’m assuming that I was supposed to dip into the side of mustard, which just made all the goodies fall out of the sandwich. I wish they could have just asked me when I ordered if I wanted mustard or not. 2 minuses but the porchetta was so darn good that I know I’ll return.

Meat and Bread – 370 Cambie St @ Victory Square, Vancouver

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