I have been so busy lately that I have almost forgotten about food. What? Me, forget about food? What could be so important in my life that would bump food off the top of my priority list? Dragon boat. My dragon boat team made the huge decision to go race in Hong Kong and the weeks months leading up to this trip have been the focus in my life. Unfortunately I won’t have much time in the next few days to actually write about what I’m eating, but I thought I’d just post the photos so I don’t get behind. I have a friend who’s turned out to be my savior in terms of food here in HK. On the first day he took us to a great Shanghainese restaurant in Kowloon city where we had a wonderful introduction to the delightful food in HK.

Cucumber with garlic and sesame oil
Delicate prawns dipped in a vinegar sauce
Cold Chicken in Chinese wine
The highlight of the meal – Xiao long bao with its delicate wrapper holding steaming hot soup and a tender meat filling
Wonderfully homey chicken soup with noodles. This is food for the soul!
To end the meal, we stopped at a fresh juice bar where I had an amazing mango slushy with chunks of fresh mango and sago (tiny tapioca pearls).
Victoria Harbour – site of the dragon boat festival

More on what I’ve been involved in can be found by clicking on this link.

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