A leftover post that’s sat in my drafts since late May. I really need to get back to posting regularly…

Summer seems to have finally arrived in Vancouver.  And with the changing weather, my lunch time eating habits will soon change too.  Warmer weather in Vancouver means that it’s time for me to start exploring the food truck scene in Vancouver.  It seemed like I only scratched the surface last year and this year they seemed to have multiplied 10-fold.

There were so many on my list to “try first” but somehow I got sucked into craving perogies after driving by the Holy Perogy truck a couple of weeks ago. Perogies sounded comforting considering the fact that it’s sunny out, but not quite yet warm.

The standard potato and cheese perogies topped with sour cream and a side of sausage.
Mexican perogies = potatoes, beef and cheese topped with salsa.

Priced at $8 plus $2 for the side of sausage, I was feeling I was paying more for the novelty of food truck dining than the quality of food.  I’m not saying it was bad, but for $10, I could buy a humongous box of perogies at Costco, and fry them up in a pan with bacon, onions and peas (because I like peas with my perogies) and it would taste just as good.

Not a great start to my Food Trukin’ for summer ’12.  So much more to come…

Holy Perogy – Homer St between Georgia and Robson St.

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