"Oaxaca El QUinque aranchera"

El Quinque = Simple & Very good

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I had 2 dinners left in Oaxaca and knew that my last would be a special meal at Origen. I didn’t have anywhere in mind, so the gang suggested we go to one of their favourite’s El Quinque. When I asked what kind of food they served, it was described as “simple, very good and that they have a delicious hamburger”. Hmmmm, had they stopped after “very good”, I wouldn’t have hesitated. But the thought of a delicious hamburger wasn’t selling me on going. I understand that the others spend 4-5 weeks in Oaxaca each year and probably crave a burger every once in a while, but that wasn’t going to convince me that it was “worthy” of being my second to last dinner in Oaxaca.

Everyone seemed to think that we’d have a nice time at El Quinque, and that it was worth a visit for me. They told me that they also served a very good steak and the owners were delightful. The fact that there wasn’t one thing negative said about it, made me realize this was a place worth checking out and I’m glad I did.

"El Quinque Oaxaca"

The family who owns El Quinque was warm and welcoming when we arrived. They do not serve liquor, so we brought our own bottles of Mexican wine, (purchased just down the road from La Cava). Looking around the small space, I was reminded how much I enjoy dining in the small restaurants in Oaxaca, the ones where you feel like you’ve been invited into someone’s home.

We quickly decided and were all served a small salad which is included with your meal.

"Oaxaca El Quinque salad"
It’s so nice to have a dish of fresh greens, something I miss when I’m in Oaxaca.
"Oaxaca El QUinque pollo"
Chicken breast with a tomato sauce over top
"Oaxaca El QUinque aranchera"
My arachera – tender and flavourful marinated flank steak
"Oaxaca El Quinque hamburger"
I had a bite of this hamburger just to try it out and was happy I did as it was very good!

I’m glad I got to experience El Quinque. Part of what makes Oaxaca amazing to me is getting to visit places previously discovered by the gang. It makes my meals at these restaurants so enjoyable as it’s always nice to feel welcomed. As an added bonus, the food at El Quinque was very good!

"Oaxaca El Quinque Carlos"
Carlos works the front of the house while his mom was in the kitchen.

Afterwards, we made a quick side trip across the street for the perfect dessert.

"Oaxaca La Churreria"

"Oaxaca La Churreria churros"

El Quinque: Macedonio Alcala 901,  Oaxaca

La Churreria: Valentin Gomez Farias 107, Oaxaca

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  1. You have revealed a secret kept not only by Oaxaquenos but also Mexican and international foodies! Chef Esteban, his family and the other employees are real treasures, and the food is consistently top-notch at a very reasonable price.

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