September is always a busy month for me.  It’s my busiest month at work, coupled with the fact with the fact that dragon boat is almost ending and hockey is just beginning, I just haven’t had a lot of time to post.  It’s not that I haven’t been eating, or making meals, it’s just that I haven’t been all that inspired to write about my experiences.  I wanted to kick-start myself, and when I read about a cool concept restaurant in Yaletown, I booked a meal out because I knew that no matter what, it would be blog-worthy,

100 Days is dubbed as Food + Art remixed.  A unique collaboration of graffiti art and innovative cuisine.  That’s about as much as I read and I was sold.  Unlike most food experiences that I encounter, I did not over research because I wanted to “experience”.  A Friday in Yaletown, which in it of itself is a unique experience for the parking-phobic Ben.

Maybe I didn’t read up enough about this, but I thought that this place would have more of a rotating menu, that didn’t seem like it’s the case.  There were a lot of fun things to choose from though.

A casual menu, although I don't know if it was necessarily "innovative". There were quite a few things that piqued my interest.

We chose the Tuna Tartare to start, more because the server sold me on it.  Not bad, but I think I should have gone with a salad.

Ahi tuna with avocado and dry-cured olives. I wondered why the colour was so dark... I enjoyed the flavours once I got over the feeling the raw fish tasted a bit "fishier" than raw fish should taste.
Lobster and Dungeness Crab mac and cheese with Lobster and Hennesey bisque. Although I wasn't sold on their choice of pasta, I enjoyed the flavour the bisque gave to the pasta when it was poured over top.
We were so excited to hear that you could order the hand-ground sirloin, Kick Ass burger medium rare. It was somewhat disappointing to cut into it and see that it was cooked medium well. It was flavourful, but why say you will cook something medium rare, and then serve it medium well?

Maybe I’m being hard on 100 Days but I did go in with some expectations.  I really did want to enjoy the experience of a rare Friday night out in Yaletown.  The place was packed though, and it looked like some people were enjoying their time there.  Service was a bit slow, and we were each comped a glass of wine because we were made to wait a while for our meals to be served.  Ben pointed out that they noticed that I was out with my big camera and knew I was probably going to write about my experience.  Sorry though, 1 free glass of wine was not enough to buy better feelings about my experience.  It also doesn’t do a lot to convince me that I shouldn’t research my meals more throughly either.

Sorry this is blurry, the lighting throughout the place was so low it was a tough challenge throughout the evening.

100 Days ends on Dec 31st where this space at the Opus Hotel will be converted into a new restaurant.  Until then, I’m sure a lot of wannabees will enjoy a mediocre meal here.  Too harsh? Blame it on September Susy, who doesn’t have time for B.S.

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