I love street meat. To clarify, it doesn’t just have to be meat because I love any kind of food you can buy on the street and Oaxaca seems to have an abundance of choices.  Normally I’d have to silence the screaming in my head about the quality of food sanitation, but there seems to be good turnover at the carts here and I’m relying on a dosage of Dukoral to carry me through.

Tlayudas Libre and Dona Martha are late-night  street vendors located side by side.  We pulled up some stools next to the coals and put in our order.

Tlayudas are considered a snack and originated from Oaxaca.  They are made from a very large thin tortilla that are heated on a comal(flat griddle) or directly over the coals.

The tlayuda is smeared with asiento (pork fat), frijoles negroes (black beans) and queso (fresh cheese).
The tlayuda is then folded in half and tossed directly on the hot coals.

I ordered the cecina, (the red chile pork).  The other option is beef.  They do things a bit different here and serve the meat on top of the tlayuda.  While we were sitting around I noticed some chorizos, so Henry asked to have a few links thrown on the coals as well.

Mmmmmmmm, street meat!!!
Since there wasn’t a lot of meat for the gigantic tlayuda, I put the whole piece in one half which I ate first. The combination of crunchy tlayuda with the spicy meat and smooth beans/cheese was amazing. The 2nd half without the meat wasn’t as good, but it was so big I couldn’t eat it all anyways.
The verdict? ¡Muy sabroso!

Tlayudas Libre / Don Martha – Calle Libres between Murguia and Morelos

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