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A Wonderful Unplanned Meal at Salumeria Rosi

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One of the traits that I got from my father is my need for plans and to live by a schedule.  I like to say that I like surprises, but just need to know about them in advance.  When I prepare for a trip, I map out my food destinations  and have back-up and back-up back-up options.  Some say it takes the spontaneity out of travel, (and life in general) but my done my way, it keeps me from getting stressed out about where to eat and I can concentrate on enjoying the other aspects of my adventures.  Advance planning has also boosted my average for food experiences and we rarely have a bad meal when we’re away.

During our epic meal at WD 50 the night before, we were fortunate enough to sit beside another food loving couple from Connecticut.  After exchanging NYC dining notes, it seemed like a real winner that never made it onto any of my lists was Salumeria Rosi.  Although it wasn’t on my dining schedule, after doing a quick search, it seemed like a place that I would love.  My meal card for the trip was already full, but I was motivated to slot Salumeria Rosi onto my list.  Seeing that the restaurant was booked solid for the next 3 weeks for dinner, I chose Sunday brunch.

Located in the Upper West Side, Salumeria Rosi serves the same menu at brunch as they do for dinner plus a brunch “assaggi della cucina” or sampling of cuisines.

Creamy Buffalo Mozzarella served with artichoke hearts.
Uovo fritto – Pan-fried Egg with crispy rendered Porchetta and re-fried potatoes.
Selezione del Salumiere – a wonderful selection of 7 salamis and other cured meats.
Pancia – Slow cooked Berkshire pork belly rubbed with Tuscan spices. Served with Tuscan chickpeas, blanched greens, and crispy skin.

Everything, every bite was delicious.  My only wish was that I had a bigger stomach or that we’d gone with more people so I could sample more of the menu. I’m  happy that I took the advice of the lovely couple from Connecticut and veered off my schedule to include this meal.  It was definitely worth it.

Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto – 283 Amsterdam Ave, UWS, NYC

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