SLS. Spoiled Life of Susy? Maybe.

The first conversation my parents ever had with Ben’s parents was over the phone. It was close to the time we had gotten engaged, and my parents were probably inviting Jo and Henry over for dinner. I really don’t know how they got on the topic, but somewhere along the way my mother (or maybe it was my father) divulged an awful little secret. “Susy is a very spoiled girl”. Don’t ask me how it came up, and miraculously, none of the Rappaports were scared away by the comment, but even to this day, I remember those words were said.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know I’m spoiled. But in life, the act of being spoiled is something others do to others and isn’t something one does to themselves. For the most part…

There are some occasions though, that I do spoil myself. My annual weekend in LA is definitely one of them. In 10 or more years of doing this, I’ve gotten it down to an art form. Shopping, relaxing, eating,  and one of my favorite experiences of all, a day at the spa.

I can now declare Le Ciel at the SLS Hotel as my favorite place to relax and indulge for an afternoon. So when I saw that there was a special on for a massage and afternoon tea at Tres by José Andrés. Wanting to try the afternoon tea ever since I’d heard of it, this seemed like the perfect promotion for me.

Why is Le Ciel my favorite? I’ve realized, if you go to the spa, once the you’re in a treatment room and the lights are dimmed, they are all pretty much the same. So I judge by the changing room(partly) and the lounge area (mostly). The great thing about Le Ciel is their relaxation room. Of all the spas I’ve visited (in my price range) this has the best area to sit quietly before/after a treatment with a glass of tea, some fruit skewers and delightful sweet treats. Many years ago, in a spa change room in LA, I was told by an older woman “just slow down” and every year when I’m in LA I try to live by those words.

After the most wonderful massage, I went down to indulge in a modern take on afternoon tea. I’ve written about my experiences at the Bazaar (LA) and Jaleo (Vegas), and although I’ve never been as blown away by José Andrés in comparison to his mentor, Ferran Adria, the idea of afternoon tea really appealed to me.

Tres is located off the lobby in the SLS hotel, but has the same eclectic interior as the Bazaar next door. I was seated on a leather couch in front of a fireplace with a giant glass deer head looking down at me. Probably the oddest setting for an afternoon tea, but at the same time it felt fitting once the food started to arrive.

"jose andres tres afternoon tea"
I knew not to expect traditional cucumber sandwiches and scones from José Andrés, but the selection seemed straight out of Alice in Wonderland.
"jose andres tres tea"
Imperial Earl Grey – “Strong enough for an Earl but refined enough for his Lady”.

Savory Little Snacks”

"jose andres tres tomato caviar"
Cucumber, goat cheese, “tomato caviar”
"jose andres tres steamed bun"
Caviar, steamed bun, creme fraiche – I wanted 4 more of these.
"jose andres tres smoked salmon"
Smoked salmon sandwich with coconut – I didn’t taste any coconut but was pleased with the generous slice of salmon.
"jose andres tres cone"
Guacamole cone topped with “tomato caviar” was a Mexican fiesta in my mouth.
"jose andres tres beet macaron"
Beet macaron with goat cheese – surprisingly crispy but even more surprisingly beet flavoured.
"jose andres peanut butter"
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich – I thought this was going to be boring, but after all of the adventurous bites, this “normal” was a welcome experience for my palate.

Secretly Lusted Sweets”

"jose andres tres financier"
Financier and almond orange tart
"jose andres tres pate de fruit"
Passionfruit pate de fruit – I love  jellies so this was one of my favourite sweets.
"jose andres tres pop rocks"
Chocolate pop rocks – Pop rocks were one of my secret childhood fav’s (my mom hated us eating them). The thing is, you can’t help but to smile when you’re eating pop rocks!
"jose andres tres chocolates"
Mint chocolate “After Eight”, Chocolate tablets & Rice Crispy bon bon –  I recognized the mint in the chocolate from my 41degrees Experience.
"jose andres pipet"
Raspberry pipet – the pipet is filled with raspberry juice that you squeeze into your mouth as you eat the berry.

Afternoon tea at Tres is offered between daily between 3-5pm and at $32 is a great way to experience the creativity of Jose Andres. If you have the opportunity to visit the spa before having tea, well there’s no better way to spoil yourself with a day of indulgence.

The SLS at Beverly Hills: 465 S La Cienega Blvd, LA

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