Eating very well in “St Petersburg, FLA”

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I am in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I am not here during Spring training, (which would have made sense), but have chosen this time of the year to escape the cold fall to spend time in the heat. Miami is the destination of this trip, but there was no way of going to Miami without visiting family in St Pete’s.

I had steadied myself to not eat well in St Petes. I had done my research in advance and knew what to expect (nothing).  But after 2 ok/good meals, the food loving side of me started to get antsy about spending 2 more days here. I kept reminding myself that I was in St Pete’s to visit family and not for any culinary adventure.

Vacation Sus in full on relaxation mode.
Vacation Sus in full on relaxation mode.

My time was planned out in advance, and the itinerary was filled with amazing things. In between a day at the pool and rushing off to the Clearwater Jazz festival, I noticed that there was a box on the counter…


My hands started to tremble in anticipation. I asked in my most hopeful voice possible what the box contained… To my delight, the answer was most obviously “Katz’s cornbeef”.

We unpacked the box, and I was surprised to see not only corned beef, but everything you need to make a full Katz’s experience meal.  There was corned beef, rye bread, “the mustard”, a huge bag of pickles which included half-dones (my favourite) and a couple of knishes on the side. Heaven in a box. I was in awe at the power of the American delivery system.




Katz’s is my favourite deli in NYC. I try to go every time I’m there. Always busy during the day, it’s become my late night after being at the bar food of choice when I’m in NYC.  I’m not sure if my hosts realized this when they made the order, but there couldn’t be anything more wonderful to a food lover like me than an order from Katz’s.

We were meant to have the sandwiches the next day, but feeling peckish after a night at the Clearwater Jazz Festival there seemed no better thing to have as a midnight snack as a corned beef sandwich.

We pulled open all the carefully wrapped packages and before you knew it, I was in my element in the kitchen, steaming corned beef, warming knishes in the oven and cracking open the huge package of pickles.



A proper Katz’s sandwich is piled high with meat. The whole snack (even though I only ate half a sandwich) was more than I’ve eaten in 2 days combined.


I heard that they also have crawfish ordered in from Louisiana and there may be a crawfish boil in the cards for me as well in St Pete’s”. Can’t wait…

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