“Authentic” Louisiana crawfish boil in St Pete’s

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Still in St Pete’s and enjoying the slow and easy pace of it all.

I woke up with the changing of light and decided to run towards sunrise. Watching the sunrise is such a magical moment for me, and it’s one of the things I love to do when I travel.



With sunrise done, it was time to relax and enjoy all that St Pete’s has to offer. And in my mind, there’s no better way to do that than to get on a boat. Lucky for me, Cousin Brad had that same thought and was ready to cruise.


I spend so much time on a self-propelled boat, it was nice to kick my heels back and let the engines do the work for once.




While hanging out on the boat , I started to get excited about our dinner. In addition to the Katz’s corned beef, Brad also ordered away for Louisiana crawfish, delivered right to your door direct was a box of crawfish and seasonings. Everything you need to make a great crawfish boil.

On our way home we stopped at the market to pick up some corn, potatoes and sausage to add in and really make an authentic boil.

We put a big pot on to boil and took the crawfish out of the packaging and picked through to discard any that were crushed in transit.


When the water was boiling we added half the shaker full of Louisiana Crawfish Co Creole Seasoning. I’m being specific here, because this seasoning was the best boil mixture I’ve ever had.


We boiled the crawfish for under 5 minutes and then scooped them out of a pot and into a bowl to continue steaming for another 15 minutes. This was just enough time for the potatoes, corn and sausages to cook in the boil.

After all was cooked, we sprinkled more seasoning onto all of the ingredients and served it up. Nothing like sucking the juices out of a crawfish head to make me feel like I’m far away from home. But the  highlight ingredient of the boil for me were definitely the potatoes.



I love seafood boils because they’re so easy to do and leave so much time for entertaining.

Thanks to the Wendko’s for a fabulous few days in St Petes! The food and family time were amazing!

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