My enthusiasm for all things Rodolfo Castellanos is deeply documented here in my blog so it should come as no surprise that on this visit to Oaxaca I’d want to check out his new restaurant Fiero, located in the residential neighbourhood of Reforma.

When I chatted with Chef Rodolfo about my visit to Fiero, we talked about the food and I learned that there was a breakfast menu and an afternoon menu served day and night. Since I knew both would be delicious of course, and I wanted to try it all. Luckily, I was in Oaxaca long enough this visit that I was able to schedule a breakfast with Rodolfo one morning and then arranged a group dinner with my gang to try out the rest later in the week.

When I was in Oaxaca a year ago, I had the opportunity to peek into the building of Fiero in its beginning stages, so I had a bit of an understanding of the size and location of the new restaurant. Over my last few visits, I’ve been spending more time up in Reforma where the “locals” hang out and I knew this new space was going to be great for Rodolfo. I was excited for Fiero’s opening a few months ago as I knew it would be an excellent opportunity for Chef Rodolfo to serve his delicious food in a more approachable and casual environment.

The restaurant was a pleasant 30-minute walk from my Casa in Centro and when I arrived, Chef was sitting on Fiero’s warm patio. I took a few moments to admire the bright and spacious restaurant, that had me feeling comfortably welcome from the moment I sat down.

So much on Fiero’s breakfast menu looked delicious, but I thought I’d stick closer to the Mexican portion of the menu. While I’m always a sucker for chilaquiles, Rodolfo steered me in the direction of the Enchiladas Fiero.

Fiero Oaxaca enchilada desayunos
My enchiladas filled with fluffy eggs, topped with chorizo & queso fresco and covered in a black bean sauce were ridiculously delicious.
Rodolfo Castellanos Oaxaca Fiero
Rodolfo’s avocado toast looked pretty scrumptious as well.

Later that week, my whole Vancouver gang were welcomed for dinner.  As we sat and poured over the generous menu, with so many interesting options, we decided that it would be better if we left the ordering in the hands of the Chef.

Fiero Oaxaca Frituras
Frituras de Mariscos – Calamares, camarones, pescado, pulpo y salsa tartara – Fried calamari, shrimp, fish, and with tartar sauce,

Fiero Oaxaca aguachile
Aguachile Fiero – Camaron crudo marinado, cebola morada, cilantro, tomate, pepino y aguacate – 
Taco de cochinita pibil
Rodolfo Castellanos Chef Oaxaca fiero
I snuck away from my group to visit Rodolfo at the pass. I stood watching the various menu items being sent out, salivating because everything looked so good. 
Fiero Oaxaca Octopus pulpo
Pulpo a las Brasas – pimientos asados y arroz saltado con tinta de calamar y mayonesa de ajo – Charred octopus with roasted peppers, rice with squid ink and aoli. I say it over and over that Rodolfo’s octopus is my favourite. This was no exception.
Short rib - Costilla cotta de res braced al vino tinto, gratin de papa y vegetales de temporada
Short rib – Costilla cotta de res braced al vino tinto, gratin de papa y vegetales de temporada – succulent short ribs braised in red wine with potato gratin and seasonal vegetables
Fiero Oaxaca Lemon
Lemon tart with coconut ice cream
Fiero Oaxaca chocolate
Lingotte de chocolate – chocolate and hazelnut mousse with butterscotch ice cream
Fiero Oaxaca cheesecake figs
Cheesecake with figs, and balsamic vinegar sorbet
My only disappointment of the evening was that after having just one bite of each dessert, I got caught in conversation with the Chef and when I looked back 2 minutes later, I realized all the desserts had been devoured before I could have a second taste.

I don’t want to say that the group I brought up to Fiero is “picky” but they are particularly confident in expressing their likes or dislikes in things. I was happy to know that every person around the table was still raving about the meal and their experience the next day.

I’ll admit, while I was sure that whatever Chef Rodolfo was serving at Fiero was going to be delicious, I was curious going into both meals to know how he’d execute this casual menu. But dish after dish, I was served delicious plates that were exciting, inviting, and comforting all at the same time. It was a place that I wish I had in my own neighbourhood that could be my local hang. I guess I just need to keep visiting Oaxaca more frequently so I can make it my local when I’m there.

Excited to see the growth of Fiero, and so excited to return. Gracias Rodolfo for another memorable meal!


One Reply to “Fiero Day and Night”

  1. Relishing all the details of your Oaxaca eats! I am visiting in March 2019 and just booked a reservation at El Destilado! Would love to hear all of your must see’s and do’s in Oaxaca, it looks like an incredible place.
    Happy new year!

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